Quentin Tarantino is keen to work with Lindsay Lohan.

The 'Kill Bill' director is believed to want to work with the troubled 23-year-old star in an effort to bolster her movie career, which has taken a nosedive in recent years.

An insider is quoted by Absolute Now as saying: "Lindsay is just the kind of character Quentin loves.

"No one expects her to do anything significant on film ever again but he has at least one role he feels she would be perfect for. It's a shocking, hardcore character but it will put her back on the map much as Quentin did for John Travolta."

Lindsay had her breakthrough role in 1998 movie 'The Parent Trap', where she played twins who want to get their parents back together.

Since then she has done a number of cult teen films, including 'Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen' and 'Mean Girls', but her career has quietened in recent years.

Later this year she will star in crime thriller 'Machete' with Jessica Alba and Robert De Niro.