Quentin Tarantino's ultra-violent Kill Bill movies are being blamed for inspiring a crazed teen to kill his best friend with a Samurai sword.

MICHAEL DESIDERIO, 18, was so taken by the films, he bought himself a sword identical to the one Uma Thurman used to slay her foes - and used it to slash pal RICARDO RICHARDSON to death.

Friends claim Desiderio saw Kill Bill 2 six times at the cinema and became obsessed by the film, quoting lines from the sequel and playing with his $80 (GBP44.40) sword.

Pal DONATA ANSELMI says, "When he wasn't playing with his sword, he made slow movements with his hands through the air like he was holding it. He really thought he was a Samurai.

"Mike lived in his own world where he got respect for being a warrior like people in the movie."

But Desiderio's obsession turned deadly earlier this month (JUN04) during a row with Richardson, and after chopping off the victim's fingers, the teenage Samurai wannabe slit his throat.

Desiderio has been charged with second-degree murder and criminal possession of a weapon.

24/06/2004 01:58