Quentin Tarantino gave movie fans at Comic-Con a golden nugget of information this week, by suggesting his forthcoming movie 'Django Unchained' is somehow linked to the 1971 movie 'Shaft', starring Richard Rountree. Speaking at a press conference for the movie in the famous Hall H, Tarantino dished on a secret connection between one of the characters in his new movie, and Mr John Shaft himself.
When asked whether any characters in 'Django' were relatives of any in his previous movies, the filmmaker said they were not, but that Brunhilda Von Shaft (played by Kerry Washington) and Django himself were related to the famous cop, saying, "Her and Django will eventually have a baby, and then that baby will have a baby, and that baby will have a baby, and that baby will have a baby, and that baby will have a baby ... and one of these days, John Shaft will be born". The director then proceeded to point at his two stars, saying, "John Shaft started with this lady here and this man here! They're the great-great-great-grandparents of 'Shut your mouth!" with Foxx bursting into song, singing Isaac Hayes' famous theme tune from the movie according to Vulture. Later in the panel talk, Tarantino was quizzed on whether he intended to make 'Kill Bill 3', though he merely replied, "We'll see".
'Django Unchained', set for release on Christmas Day 2012, follows a slave turned bounty hunter who sets out to rescue his wife from an evil plantation owner, played by LEONARDO DICAPRIO.