Weeks before Tarantino's film hit cinemas on Christmas Day (25Dec15), the much-anticipated movie was illegally published online, and authorities at America's Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) linked the piracy to the office of leading Hollywood executive Andrew Kosove, the co-CEO of Alcon Entertainment.

Kosove denied being involved in the matter personally, and members of piracy group Hive-CM8 took responsibility for the leaks, which also included illegal versions of Spectre, The Big Short, and other recent films.

Now Hive-CM8 members have opened up for the first time since the incident, maintaining they posted the films online for the greater good of viewers and moviemakers alike.

"Sorry to disappoint, but there was no hack or any such thing," Hive-CM8 officials said in a statement. "We got the copies sold from a guy on the street, no decryption was needed. We were definitely not the only ones. We wanted to share this movies (sic) with the people who are not rich enough or not able to watch all nominated movies in the cinema.

"Since everyone is now talking about this movie we dont think the producers will loose any money at cinedate (when the film is released)... we think this has created a new type of media hype that is more present in the news, radio and in the papers than starwars (sic), and the promotional costs for this were free... we really hope this helped out the producers in the longrun, so that the production costs are covered and more."

Hive-CM8 went on to praise Tarantino for making a stellar film, and said, "We feel sorry for the trouble we caused by releasing that great movie (The Hateful Eight) before (its release date). we never intended to hurt anyone by doing that, we didnt know it would get that popular that quickly. The Hateful Eight is an excellent, thrilling and entertaining Western that combines terrific direction, a fantastic cast, a wonderful script, beautiful photography and a memorable score. All of those elements make The Hateful Eight an unforgettable film that is Quentin Tarantino at his best... we think that the hateful 8 movie is the top candidate for the awards and will win by a mile over others thx (thanks) tarantino for this wonderful movie."