Quentin Tarantino stages his own solo film festivals.

The 'Kill Bill' director is so obsessed with movies he occasionally chooses a selection of around 15 movies, watches them back-to-back and then picks his favourite.

Recently Quentin even told German director Tom Tykwer he had won an award at his solo film festival for 'Perfume'.

He said to Tykwer: "Hey, I did a little film festival for myself and you won! 'Perfume' won!"

The filmmaker also admitted he feels like a "weirdo" because after visiting his local cinema, he writes reviews of what he has just watched - with no intention of showing them to anyone .

He said: "Sometimes I even go home and write a review of the film after a trip to the cinema.

"I have no idea of publishing it but I do it my own edification, to explore further into the work and keep my mental capacity going stronger."

The 47-year-old helmsman believes the process makes him a better director.

Quentin recently revealed he plans to make a romantic comedy, but one that is different from what most people would expect.

He said: "I'd love to make a romantic comedy and take it out of the ghetto it's been exiled to.

"I have done love stories; they've just been in my other movies. 'True Romance's title was not ironic.

"Sure James Gandolfini almost beats Patricia Arquette to death and she has to blow him away with a shotgun but that doesn't mean it's not romantic. It just has to be done my way, and I think people want me to do it my way."