Actress Daniele Watts' new role in Quentin Tarantino's new film Django Unchained has prompted the young star to seek out more about her own family history.
Watts has been cast as Coco in the much-anticipated, all-star movie and she has discovered her great-grandparents were slaves and that she has a rich ancestral history related to the African-American struggle.
The actress admits the preparation she has been doing before joining the cast in New Orleans, Louisiana has been fascinating.
She tells WENN, "I come from a theatre background so a lot of my preparation is research... I've played other roles where I'm playing characters who are living during the time of slavery and the research is really interesting. I've visited my family in Atlanta and we drove down to Alabama and I'll be driving to Mississippi, where my family is from, to soak it in about what it was like to have been there.
"My dad is really big on that (genealogy) and he has talked with me about great-grandparents who were slaves, but it's all sort of muddy. I know that part of my family was Creek Indian and I know that many of my family is buried at a Watts family cemetery in Mississippi."