Groundbreaking US reality make-over show Queer Eye For The Straight Guy has been cancelled after three seasons - but the stars of the show insist they are still a huge hit with celebrities. The show features five gay men who make-over unstylish straight men each week on the US Bravo network, and since hitting the screen the camp stylists have been asked to revamp the homes of stars including Jennifer Lopez. Queer Eye member JAI RODRIGUEZ says the show won't be returning for another season, explaining, "Well, we haven't been asked back for 2007. "It's only been three years, but it feels like so much more due to the overexposure. I started when I was 23. In that first year, I was on OPRAH's couch. "I was on ELLEN (DEGENERES). People recognised me. J LO is a huge fan of ours. (Queer eye member THOM FILICIA) just re-did her house." The show recently broke new ground again by making over MILES, a transgendered man. Rodriguez adds, "Maybe this is how we are going out with a bang. Everyone (in the group) has big new projects. "I'm working on a TV show and a movie in the fall. We just had a tour of the Philippines. We are huge there. Like Michael Jackson in 1983."