Queensryche have responded to ousted frontman Geoff Tate's recent injunction to stop the band from performing in his absence.
Tate filed a court injunction in Washington against his ex-bandmates - Michael Wilton, Eddie Jackson and Scott Rockenfield - after he was forced out of the group last month (Jun12), insisting the trio should not be allowed to perform as Queensryche without him.
The remaining members have since recruited a new vocalist, Todd La Torre, and on Monday (09Jul12) the rockers filed their legal response to shut down Tate's motion, claiming his departure was warranted and he deserves no ownership of the group.
In documents, obtained by Blabbermouth.com, Wilton accuses Tate of making "slanderous statements" about his family, firing their guitarist, Mike Stone, so his stepdaughter's boyfriend, Parker Lundgren, could have a job, and putting the group at risk of physical harm since his "antics were proving to be erratic and unstable".
An excerpt reads, "He is doing everything in his power to tarnish any Queensryche credibility and to stop any momentum the new lineup has had... His blatant use of the media for his own agenda with no regard for the integrity of the band as an entity alone is grounds for the remaining band members to own the name...
"The critical response to new lead singer Todd La Torre and his chemistry with the band at the Rising West (spin-off) shows in early June (12) has been wildly positive as well. Thus, not only has moving on been great for the Queensryche entities, but any injunction would strangle all this potential."
Tate recently told RollingStone.com he felt the decision to cut him from the group was "economically driven", stating, "I'm a 25 per cent holder in our companies. I think it's just business in their minds - cut me out and then split 25 per cent and hire some young guy that's gonna work for a weekly wage, so they make more money. It's just ridiculous... It's bad business."