Former Queensryche star Geoff Tate will no longer be touring under his old band's name from the beginning of September (14) after announcing a new moniker on Wednesday (30Jul14).

His ex-bandmates agreed Tate could continue touring as Queensryche Starring Geoff Tate until the end of the summer in a settlement that ended a year-long legal battle between the rockers, and now the singer has agreed to move on with a new touring act.

Beginning in September, the band he now fronts will be known as Operation: Mindcrime.

Announcing the name-change news to fans he says, "It is so refreshing to be able to concentrate on the many stories and ideas that I have been working on with no boundaries or restrictions. With the newly-named band, I think fans will continue to enjoy the music we create and perform together and hope they share this new musical journey with us.”

Tate's final tour as Queensryche Starring Geoff Tate begins in California on Wednesday night.