Music Rising, an organisation that replaces lost instruments belonging to US Gulf Coast musicians affected by hurricanes Katrina and Rita, is hosting an online auction for summer (06) concert tickets. Every Saturday throughout April (06) fans can bid on US summer gig tickets, with each winner getting four premium concert seats, and in most cases, an Epiphone guitar autographed by the show's performers. On Saturday (01APR06), 80-plus events go on the block including shows by Violent Femmes, Queensryche, New Edition, Brad Paisley, QAR, Il Divo and Ringo Starr and double bills featuring Def Leppard/Journey and Blondie/THE NEW CARS. The online auctions can be found at the organisation's website - or later this week (31MAR06) via auctions. Since December (05), the organisation has raised close to $1.4 million (GBP824,000), mostly through a special edition Gibson guitar and given grants enabling 1,100 musicians to buy new instruments. U2 guitarist The Edge, who co-founded the organisation, says of the storm aftermath, "You still have the political turmoil and the blame game, but when the music starts, it cuts through all the social and racial divides and everyone forgets their differences. "People may disagree on other things, but nobody is against the music coming back."