Queens Of The Stone Age rockers Josh Homme and NICK OLIVERI have been giving their opposing opinions on last week's (ends13FEB04) news Oliveri has been kicked out of the band.

The GO WITH THE FLOW band are in turmoil after frontman Homme became increasingly fed up with bassist Oliveri's wild behaviour.

Homme now plans to head into a studio to record the next Queens Of The Stone Age album - without Oliveri - but hopes to remain close friends with the guitarist.

He says, "For me it's the hardest thing. I will never talk s*** about my bro' or anything like that. Nick and I are still definitely that. I love making music and stuff but it's more important to me to be brothers with Nick.

"Queens Of The Stone Age is a family of intense individuals. Everyone in the band is an individual and that was by design. There's events that always happen.

"Nick is probably one of the most unafraid people I know, and I'm not afraid either. And that's the reason we're friends."

But Oliveri reportedly told fan site MONDOGENERATOR.NET he has no idea why he's been asked to leave.

He says, "I'm going to try to talk him into playing music with me. I didn't quit. I just don't get it. I just need to talk to Josh, but now I can't get in touch with him.

"I'm not a quitter, I want to make another f***ing record, I think Queens is a great f***ing band. I just want people to know because I'm not a f***ing flake and I didn't quit."

23/02/2004 13:54