Sacked Queens Of The Stone Age bassist NICK OLIVERI is hoping he will be asked to rejoin the band after building bridges with frontman Josh Homme.

The GO WITH THE FLOW singer dismissed Oliveri from the band last year (FEB04) claiming his friend's behaviour was beginning to resemble "a tornado".

Oliveri says, "I told him last time I was hanging out with him, 'If anything falls through and you need somebody, you know where your bass player is, dude - you know where the bass player for that band is. So pick up the phone.'

"It ain't about a money gig thing for me - I know which band I play bass in."

Oliveri was replaced by former guitar technician DAN DRUFF, but Homme still sent him an advance copy of new album LULLABIES TO PARALYZE.

He says of the new disc, "It's a good record. I was hoping for more of the first record with this one. I know there's growth, change and experimenting with music, so obviously I was caught off-guard a little bit. But I was hoping for something a little more guitar-heavy."

Since leaving Queens Of The Stone Age, Oliveri has been recording and performing with new band Mondo Generator.

11/03/2005 17:28