Former Queens Of The Stone Age bassist Nick Oliveri has finally accepted the decision to axe him from the band following a heated argument with lead singer Josh Homme in 2004.
The pair clashed backstage at a gig in Spain, leading to the removal of the bass player from the band. Homme had previously blamed the departure on Oliveri disrespecting fans with his on-tour antics.
Oliveri has now set the record straight about the incident, and concedes Homme made the right decision to fire him from the rock group.
He says, "It took me six years to figure it out, but you know what, I would have axed me too. We did this show in Spain and I was freaking out when he didn't show up for sound check.
"When he didn't turn up, I drank a bottle of vodka and then the show wasn't good. Then... we (were) supposed to go back out after the set and Josh was like, 'I'm not going out there with you' and I freaked out. I wished now he had just knocked me out, I'd have been sorry when I woke up then."