Queens Of The Stone Age guitarist Josh Homme was on the brink of quitting his musical dream after having to intervene in a potential sexual assault on a groupie when he was a young man.

When he was 19-years-old, Homme toured with Californian rockers KYUSS, but was horrified to witness a roadie attempt to bully a 15-year-old fan into sex.

Josh explains, "She thought she was just hanging out. This Neanderthal was taking advantage. I thought, 'Do I get involved or walk away?' I decided you do get involved. I'm no white knight but you do what you think is right."

The GO WITH THE FLOW guitarist thumped the roadie and the girl ran away - but the event nearly destroyed Homme's belief in rock'n'roll.

Homme continues, "I just got totally turned off this myth of the rock'n'roll lifestyle. At the same time I think the idea there is a danger at your gigs is good. You might get hurt at a Queens show. That adds something.

"But I don't like a following of meatheads. I want Jews, gays, blacks, Irish, whoever. Come all ye. But just the cool ones. No f***ing morons please."

01/08/2003 17:29