Queens Of The Stone Age frontman Josh Homme is heading to a studio to record new material with the band - despite the departure of longtime bassist NICK OLIVERI earlier this month (FEB04).

The GO WITH THE FLOW rocker is determined to forge ahead without Oliveri, who he kicked out of the group for his wild behaviour - something he couldn't tolerate anymore.

Homme boast his new songs are the best he's ever written, but admits he'll miss his colleague Oliveri.

He says, "Right now I just want to write for a while to beat the new songs or see if I can. I think it's the best s*** I've ever written.

"I've been Nick's shield for years. When you're a tornado, you never see the damage.

"Nick is the most bad-**s, intense individual I've every played with. He's the real deal. He's completely rock 'n' roll without one ounce of fake in his whole body and I love that.

"But I can't do this in Queens with Nick anymore. Do I want to play with Nick? You bet your sweet a**. Do I want to go on tour with Nick for two years? No."

01/03/2004 09:07