Prolific Queens Of The Stone Age frontman Josh Homme is writing the score for a forthcoming computer game - and is relieved to find the task far easier than composing songs for an album.

The GO WITH THE FLOW singer, who has numerous side projects outside QOTSA, is enjoying scoring his first video game, but admits he could never play them himself in the fear he'd never stop.

Homme says, "I'm writing the music for a game called SPEC OPS. There's a bunch of versions of new songs. Some of them are mellow, some of them are rock and some of them are, like, hick-hop because we're a bunch of white guys.

"I can't play any video games when we're on tour or in the studio because then I would get addicted. And I don't need any more addictions.

"But the whole thing was great because it was so easy. It's way easier than writing a song, because with video-game music, everything just needs to be, like, 30 seconds long."

27/03/2005 21:22