Queens Of The Stone Age frontman Josh Homme has lashed out at his U.S. record label Interscope, slamming the corporation's executives as a "bunch of f**king idiots". Homme, whose band has released its last four albums through Interscope, is appalled by the amount of money he claims to see music moguls regularly wasting. He tells website AntiQuiet.com, "F**k the labels, man, they suck. The last thing they're stripping down is their own expense accounts and s**t. I mean, (President) Jimmy Iovine of Interscope Records takes a private jet or rides first class to tell a band they don't get tour support... "I'm not gonna be quiet because the American label - not Canada, not Europe - but our American label's f**king us like crazy, so f**k them... I'm not even bitter, people say labels are evil, no. They're just lame. "They can't do anything to me. That's the difference... They can't stop me from being me and from playing, but they can lose their jobs and have to f**king work at Shakey's pizza like they should've all along." And Homme is still angry that Interscope vetoed his plan to release some songs that didn't make it onto the most recent Queens Of The Stone Age album, Era Vulgaris. He adds, "I have a retarded record company. They're all locked in their hysteria of a business that they don't understand, you know. Playing it safe and being panicked have no business in music."