Queens Of The Stone Age frontman Josh Homme and his estranged bandmate NICK OLIVERI have put their differences aside and could be working together again later this year (05).

Homme sacked his longtime QOTSA and KYUSS collaborator Oliveri a year ago (FEB04), after becoming fed up with the bassist's hedonistic behaviour.

But QOTSA guitarist TROY VAN LEEUWEN (corr) has confirmed Homme is likely to appear on the third album by Oliveri's band MONDO GENERATOR, to be recorded sometime in 2005.

Van Leeuwen says, "Nick's going to make another Mondo Generator record and we'll probably all end up playing on it.

"It's that understood. Him and Josh are brothers, you know."

New QOTSA album LULLABIES TO PARALYSE, which was recorded without Oliveri, is released next month (MAR05).

21/02/2005 21:27