Queen star Roger Taylor insists he is not embarrassed by his cross-dressing in the promo for I Want To Break Free, because he is still haunted by his camp performance in another video.

The drummer famously played a saucy schoolgirl in the film for the 1984 hit track, but he is adamant donning a tight, shiny outfit complete with an Elizabethan ruff around the neck for a different promo was far worse.

He tells the January (14) issue of Reader's Digest, "Being in Queen has been a lot of fun, but I will admit that we did make some fashion mistakes. Do I regret some of the outfits I wore in the 1980s? Absolutely! Everybody always talks about the video for I Want to Break Free but I have no problems with that at all. That was just us having a laugh.

"The one I really have difficulty watching is It's A Hard Life. Feathers, gold lame and even a... ruff. What were we thinking?"