Revisiting Queen's videos for the band's first complete Dvd promo compilation brought back bad memories for drummer Roger Taylor - because he was not a fan of many of the rockers' film efforts.
Taylor and bandmate Brian May agreed to offer an audio commentary for the upcoming Queen Greatest Video Hits double-Dvd release, which features 33 of the band's iconic promos, remastered - but he spends much of the package grumbling about how bored he was on sets.
The rocker admits he was definitely not a fan of the group's Scandal and It's Hard Life videos, stating of the latter, "I think we look more stupid in this video than any other artist has ever looked in a video. I don't know what we were thinking."
And he admits, "I really do hate this video."
The promo featured the band dressed in outlandish ball attire for an historic costume party.
Taylor also reveals he was drunk throughout the making of the Who Wants to Live Forever video and has very little recollection of it, revealing, "It was a very boring shoot."
And the drummer admits he hated making promos for the band's hits: "I didn't take a lot of the videos seriously; making videos was one of the most tedious things that you can imagine."