British rockers Queen are handing out free tickets to their rescheduled London concert to emergency workers who were plunged into action in the aftermath of Thursday's (07JUL05) terrorist attacks in the city.

Singer PAUL RODGERS - who has taken over vocal duties from late frontman FREDDIE MERCURY - plans to turn this week's (15JUL05) live spectacular into a tribute to the courage and compassion shown by Britain's emergency services.

He says, "We feel it is fitting to thank London's emergency services for their extraordinary response in dealing with the effects of the bombing attacks and to celebrate the historical resilience of Londoners in their response to yet another atrocity."

The concert, which will be the band's first show in London's Hyde Park for 29 years, was meant to have taken place on Friday (08JUL05) - but the WE WILL ROCK YOU legends postponed their performance amidst constant security alerts and severely hampered public transport.

Guitarist Brian May adds, "We were away playing a concert in Germany and arrived back Thursday morning to see all this going on. We were unbelievably shocked and saddened.

"The heroes that day, and since then, are the police and emergency services coming together as one, calmly and bravely dealing with the tragedy and getting London's wheels turning again. We'd like to offer an appreciation."

Queen will be supported by Razorlight, JUSTIN and Dan Hawkins and funnyman Peter Kay.

13/07/2005 01:45