Rockers Queen are encouraging fans to download legal versions of their hit songs - in a bid to reduce music piracy and raise money for AIDS victims.

The three remaining members of the group, Brian May, JOHN DEACON and ROGER TAYLOR, will make the recordings available on their official website QUEENONLINE.COM later this month (NOV04) to prevent people downloading poor quality, illegal copies elsewhere.

The BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY stars are one of the most pirated bands in the world so will take advantage of their popularity by charging $9 (GBP5) per song, to raise money for AIDS charity the MERCURY PHOENIX TRUST, since their former frontman FREDDIE MERCURY died from the disease in 1991.

May says, "Playing the bootleggers at their own game seems an appealing prospect for most of us.

"Here we hope to do just that, hoping in the end it will lead to a sense of satisfaction all round."

EMI Music boss TONY WADSWORTH adds, "This latest idea harnesses the power of digital delivery to enable queen fans to get the best of the many unofficial live recordings of the band - inexpensively and legally."

04/11/2004 17:26