Rock legends Queen have beaten Elvis Presley and THE Beatles to be named the most successful music act in UK album chart history.

The Guinness World Records have released shocking figures, which prove Queen has overtaken The Beatles for the first time, by spending a staggering 1,322 weeks in the British charts compared with the Fab Four's 1,293 weeks.

Queen frontman Freddie Mercury died from an AIDS-related illness in 1991, but the band are still touring and their popularity has been boosted by the success of London musical WE WILL ROCK YOU.

The Book of British Hit Singles and Albums compiled the list, which places The Beatles in second place followed by Presley and Irish rockers U2, while SIR Elton John and Michael Jackson languish at the bottom of the chart at numbers nine and ten respectively.

The Book of British Hit Singles and Albums Editor DAVID ROBERTS says, "Given that Queen's chart career has been much shorter than those of The Beatles and Elvis, this is an incredible achievement.

"They've long been written about with reverence in the pages of our book, and this just serves to cement their legendary status."

The Top ten album acts are:

1. QUEEN (1,322 weeks) 2. THE BEATLES (1,293 weeks) 3. ELVIS PRESLEY (1,280 weeks) 4. U2 (1,150 weeks) 5. Dire Straits (1,136 weeks) 6. Simon And Garfunkel (1,114 weeks) 7. Madonna (1,032 weeks) 8. David Bowie (1,005 weeks) 9. SIR ELTON JOHN (989 weeks)

10. MICHAEL JACKSON (966 weeks)

05/07/2005 02:55