Queen Latifah signed up for her new film role because of the on-screen passion.

The actress - who plays a physical therapist in the romantic comedy 'Just Wright' alongside the rapper-turned-actor Common - admitted she couldn't wait to get her hands on the star.

She said: "That's what the movie is all about. It's all about me having the opportunity to be in bed with Common. I mean, what's this all for if I can't hook that up? It's not a bad day of work. I just want everybody to know that we didn't go for an R-rating."

The 40 year old claimed she had to work hard to help Common - real name Lonnie Rashied Lynn, Jr. - live up to his hunky image.

She said: "There were certain scenes where I was like, 'Man, you're that dude. Girls throw their selves all over you. Be that dude!' Sometimes I would just pump him up, like gas, because he's so humble."

The US star - who has shed 25lbs over the past two years - also claimed being sexy was simply in the eye of the beholder.

She told Parade.com:"I've always believed it's not always what you look like, it's who you are on the inside. Beauty from the inside out is something that I can connect with because that's where you get your integrity and confidence."