Queen Latifah thinks her new film is a like a modern day 'Cinderella' story.

The 40-year-old actress and singer thinks 'Just Wright' - a romantic comedy directed by Sanaa Hamri - is a great story because it is like a toned down Disney story.

She told Moviehole: "It's definitely a new age Cinderella. It's not quite a Cinderella in the sense that Cinderella has these evil stepsisters and this mean-a*s stepmother who treat her like garbage.

"This is not so simple. Even the 'villain' in this movie is not quite as villainess as you might want her to be. The 'hero' is you will and the 'villain' are tight like glue. And they're sisters. And they relate to one another.

"They know one another like the back of each other's hand. So, as much as they might be angry with one another, they tend not to go against each other in public. And that's difficult."

Queen Latifah plays physical therapist Leslie Wright in the movie, who falls for a basketball player as she helps him recover from a career-threatening injury.

'Just Wright' is due for release in the US on May 14.