American fans of Queen are fighting the release of a new rendition of rock classic WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS by tone deaf American Idol reject WILLIAM HUNG - because they feel it's inappropriate.

Hung, whose awful recording of Ricky Martin's SHE BANGS became an unlikely novelty hit earlier this year (04), is even donning a yellow jumpsuit for the video - so he can emulate the beloved Queen frontman Freddie Mercury.

But Queen fans are far from happy with the novelty act's new release.

BOBBY CALDER, who runs a Queen fanclub in California, says, "We get the joke with William Hung and the anti-pop thing, but Queen's back catalogue is sacred. It shouldn't be lampooned in this way.

"Obviously, there's only so much a fan club can do, but we're going to try and persuade people that this joke has gone too far, and hopefully the We Are The Champions song will sink without trace. I mean, who is buying this stuff?"

15/06/2004 17:14