A new BBC documentary has revealed that the Queen walked out of a photo shoot with celebrity photographer Annie Leibovitz.

The Queen was in the middle of a portrait shoot when Leibovitz suggested that she remove her crown.

However the Queen had clearly had enough of the set-up and stormed out, saying: "I'm not changing anything."

The footage shows the monarch in full robes making her way from the room where the shoot was taking place.

Leibovitz is famous for having photographed a host of rock 'n' roll stars and celebrities, including a naked John Lennon and the infamous photo of a heavily pregnant Demi Moore, also naked.

Her work has appeared in Rolling Stone and Vanity Fair and the final release of her royal portraits have been widely acclaimed for their classical feel.

The scene was captured as part of a revealing documentary to be shown on BBC1 and shows the Queen preparing for her trip to the US.

It includes events such as the state opening of parliament and her 80th birthday celebrations as well as involving other members of the royal family.

12/07/2007 11:20:59