ITV has suspended the commissioning of any further programmes with the production company RDF.

The news follows an investigation into an RDF documentary featuring the Queen which was accompanied by a trailer that the BBC was forced to apologise for.

The clip featured a scene with the Queen walking out of a photo shoot, but in fact it had been arranged in a way which misrepresented the Queen's actual actions as she had been walking into the photo shoot rather than storming out of it.

ITV have now halted all commissions from RDF until the inquiry into the controversial documentary is completed.

The BBC announced last week that it too would not be launching any new commissions from RDF.

A statement from the production company said: "The directors do not consider that a pause in commissioning by ITV will have a material impact on the group's results in the current year."

Shares in the company have dipped following both announcements, with early trading showing a 17.14 per cent drop.

20/07/2007 11:43:41