A video clip of a Canadian man being arrested on a drunk-driving charge in November has gone viral after the evidence that proved his crime was uploaded to YouTube by the accused himself. It has to be said he'd have to have a pretty tall tale to have talked himself out of this one. 29 year-old Robert Wilkinson was busted by police and placed in the back of a squad vehicle. It was there that he made his defining statement, launching into a full rendition of Queen's seminal hit 'Bohemian Rhapsody' in the backseat.
The Smoking Gun reports that Wilkinson opened the video with a foul-mouthed tirade at the policeman arresting him, protesting his innocence and claiming "You're actually an ignorant f*****g c***. So f**k you buddy," before launching into the opus - which lasts some six minutes plus - though his attempts at making the high notes at the breakdown fell somewhat short.
The video was originally posted to him by the police after he protested his innocence again after the event, and Wilkinson subsequently posted it up on YouTube for his friends to have a laugh. It has now gone on to receive more than one million views. Quite the chap, other videos on his YouTube include a chronicle of his 2004 dismissal from a Vancouver Film School and a clip of him getting punched twice by a friend.