As ever it was a tense week for 'American Idol' contestants waiting for the hammer to fall after doing their best to impress judges during Queen week, and after all was said and done it was ELISE TESTONE - the oldest left in the competition aged 28 - who found herself biting the dust. In some ways the end was inevitable for Testone; she'd been struggling to find a breakthrough, and had been in the bottom two for several weeks. With previously evicted contestant ERIKA VAN PELT, 26, suggesting to USA Today last month that age was definitely a factor that was against both of them in the competition, there ultimately was perhaps no surprise when the under pressure performer went.

It seems that it was the general public who Testone struggled to connect with rather than the judges themselves. This week she sang Queen's 'I Want It All' for her first track and then JIMMI HENDRIX's 'Bold As Love' for her second and, Fox reports, that her efforts to keep herself alive in the competition received praise from all three panellists - for her first effort in particular. "Elise, you found your stride," said Aerosmith front man Steven Tyler. "That's what we've been waiting for you to do. You sang that like the classical song it was - if not even better tonight." Jennifer Lopez agreed, adding "It was natural, it was sexy, you look great, you sounded great." Randy Jackson meanwhile also found himself won over, saying "That style of song is so right for you."

Yet in the final reckoning she found herself with the fewest votes received from the estimated 58 million who voted from their homes on Wednesday night, and ultimately found herself sent packing whilst the show went on.