Rapper Queen Pen is lending her support to a New York children's charity to reunite kids with their jailed parents.
The star, real name Lynise Walters, has teamed up with Children of Promise, NYC (CPNYC) to launch a new initiative to help at-risk youngsters re-establish relationships with locked-up mothers and fathers.
The programme will fund various field trips and will begin on 21 June (09) to coincide with America's Father's Day, allowing kids the opportunity "to spend these important holidays with their fathers and to help continue nurturing these important relationships".
CPNYC founder and president Sharon Content tells AllHipHop.com, "With the support and advocacy of individuals like Queen Pen, we will be able facilitate these trips for children, many of whom havent seen their fathers since their incarceration.
"These trips foster a critical relationship that is often a missing component in helping these silent victims to develop tools for discovering new pathways, recognising possibilities and realising their full potential."