Hip-hop royal Queen Latifah is learning how to perform tricks on motorbikes - to impress men.

The CHICAGO star has been collecting bikes for years, despite the fact she lost her brother in a motorbike accident in 1992.

But after getting on one for her new video and learning a few tricks, she's hooked.

She says, "It's dangerous, but there's no greater feeling than dropping the hammer - our little slang term for hauling a**."

Her latest ride is a Suzuki GSX 1300R Hatabusa, and she's learning to perform wheelies on it.

She adds, "When a guy sees you on a Booster his eyes go, 'Oh, s***!' He's respecting you. I want to learn how to wheelie for three blocks.

"I take my bikes on tour. What I love most is that it's just me and the road. It feels like freedom - nobody's mouth in your ear."