Rapper-turned actress Queen Latifah has been tipped to star in a spin-off of hit comedy BARBERSHOP - but with a more feminine twist.

Movie studio MGM is in talks with the OSCAR-nominated CHICAGO star to produce and appear in Beauty Shop.

Latifah will reportedly receive a healthy eight-figure paycheque against the flick's gross income for her efforts in the proposed film - a huge jump from the $1 million (GBP660,000) she was paid for starring alongside STEVE MARTIN in her latest movie Bringing Down The House.

Latifah - real name DANA OWENS - will launch her movie franchise with a cameo in the BARBERSHOP sequel, expected to hit screens in the winter (03), with her shop located next door to fellow rapper-turned-actor Ice Cube's Chicago, Illinois, parlour.

Her cameo's main purpose is to establish the new character for the spin-off.