Queen Latifah is so keen to start a family she's applying to become a foster parent. The rapper-turned-actress has her sights set on playing mum to 18 kids - both natural and adopted - and she's already making plans to see if she's got what it takes to be a parent. She says, "I'm filling out the paperwork to be, like, a foster parent, so maybe sometimes I can kinda just help out in that way - just when they need, like, an emergency placement and I happen to be home." Once she gets her foster parent permit, the Chicago star insists she'll start adopting - but, unlike Madonna, Angelina Jolie and Meg Ryan, she'll be looking for a needy American. She adds, "I wanna adopt an American baby... just because there are so many kids here that need our help. "My sister's a social worker in Newark, New Jersey and there's so many kids that could use like a good home. "It's nothing about going out of the country, that's great, and I get why a lot of people do (that) - because of our laws here (but) I just feel, like, if I do (adopt) I'll probably just help a kid right in the 'hood."