Rapper/actress Queen Latifah was disappointed when a French kiss with her LAST HOLIDAY co-star LL Cool J was re-written as a simple peck.

The Chicago actress wanted a full-on smooch with the hip-hop star, but director Wayne Wang decided to tone it down.

Latifah says, "Well I didn't get the whole kiss, like I wanted to. You know, I don't want nobody after me or nothing like that. So I have to just take the slob.

"He's not bad. He's a little squooshy around the gut, he could lose a few pounds.

"No, everything he showed me made him much more attractive, and his character, as an actor - I'm not thinking about LL Cool J and I'm not Latifah when I'm kissing him, I'm GEORGIA BYRD, and LL is SHAWN - that was what made the kiss much sweeter than some of the deeper French kisses I've shared with other people. It's what leads up to the kiss. So basically the lips are soft, I'd do it again."