Rapper-turned-movie star Queen Latifah impressed superstar photographer Annie Leibovitz during a Vanity Fair picture shoot by driving herself to the set and acting like a starstruck fan.

The CHICAGO star, real name Dana Owens, delayed her vacation for a day to appear in the AMERICAN MUSIC issue of the magazine, alongside stars like DR DRE, James Taylor, Willie Nelson and Mary J Blige.

And she made the shoot extra special for Leibovitz and her assistant LISA ROBINSON by turning the event into a party.

Robinson explains, "She danced to music by James Brown... and when the shoot was done, she got all the other musicians to sign their own pictures so she could give them to her mother as a souvenir."

The Vanity Fair cover also features OUTKAST stars ANDRE 3000 and BIG BOI - who Latifah once managed - Norah Jones, Liz Phair and Red Hot Chili Peppers star Anthony Kiedis.

20/10/2003 08:54