LATEST: Queen Latifah has elaborated on her motherhood claims by revealing she plans to join the Hollywood singles who have adopted children. The rapper/actress shocked fans last month (MAR06) when she revealed she was getting broody, adding "I'm really working on it (motherhood). I've got everyone galvanised, I've cleared my schedule, and it's going to happen soon. God willing, I will be a mom by this time next year." But now Latifah, real name Dana Owens, has confessed she isn't planning to get pregnant - she's looking to adopt an abandoned American baby. She explains, "I definitely plan on going through with adoption." But the CHICAGO star knows the odds are stacked against her as a single adoptive mother - thanks to America's strict laws. She adds, "There's a law that tries to keep the family together - so if you've had an adopted child for up to three years or so, the birth mother can come back and reclaim the child if they pull themselves together. "The law is good in a way because you love to see parents pull themselves together, but that's got to be tough on the adoptive parents, who've grown up to love that child."