Rapper-turned actress Queen Latifah thinks Oprah Winfrey's body is perfect - despite the talk show titan's much-documented battle with the bulge.

The curvaceous CHICAGO star, who recently underwent a breast reduction operation, believes Oprah's smile makes her attractive no matter what size she is.

She says, "I think her body is perfect. Even though we've seen her real thin, then medium, large, extra large small, extra small. When she puts on her million-dollar smile - or should I say billion dollar smile - you can see that she feels good about herself.

"That's what I like about her. I like her mind."

She adds, "I'm not really looking at women's bodies so much as their attitude. You can have a really nice, ripped body, svelte body and just be completely under-confident and all you do is nag. Who wants to hear that? Nobody!

"I don't like people with nasty attitudes. I admire confident women. So whether it's J.LO, Oprah or Janet (JACKSON), I think they're all equally beautiful. Not quite as beautiful as Queen Latifah, but you can't have it all!"

08/08/2003 17:18