British royal Queen Elizabeth II has paid lawyers $180,000 (GBP100,000) to draw up new contracts, banning royal staff from revealing Buckingham Palace secrets.

The royal family were left reeling after former butler Paul Burrell revealed all about his life with DIANA, PRINCESS OF WALES - so the Queen has taken measures to ensure no-one else can expose life behind the palace walls.

Lawyers have set up an air-tight confidentiality agreement will ban the 420 royal staff selling stories to the press - if they do, any money earned must be donated to charity.

The extra costs have been revealed after Buckingham Palace unveiled its spending for 2003/2004.

According to new figures, each Briton contributed $1.23 (GBP0.68) towards the cost of maintaining the royals - a total of $50 million (GBP36.8 million).

25/06/2004 14:03