Comedian GRAHAM NORTON stunned fans of his American TV show on Thursday night (12AUG04) when he stepped out dressed as Britain's Queen Elizabeth II, cracking a flurry of dirty jokes.

The Irish comedian, who has moved from his London base to host THE GRAHAM NORTON EFFECT in New York City, waltzed out in a gown and wig to the tune of RULE BRITANNIA.

Feigning the monarch's regal tones, Norton quickly snapped into his signature risque humour when he said, "One is the Queen of England. Here in England, we are excited at the prospect of the forthcoming presidential election.

"We fondly remember the visit of President (BILL) CLINTON, when I received him in my inner chamber. Mr Clinton was then gracious enough to give me a beautiful pearl necklace. Did I ever get that back from the dry cleaners?"

Norton announced his guests, Anne Hathaway and John Waters, from a book marked "Diary of Elizabeth Regina" after quipping, "My husband Philip was saying only yesterday it's been years since he last saw my regina!"

15/08/2004 13:51