Comedienne ELLEN DeGENERES took on Queen Elizabeth II's royal duties in honour of Patrick Stewart this morning (13MAY04) - when she decided to knight him on her chat show.

DeGeneres mistakenly referred to the British actor as "Sir Patrick Stewart" when she introduced him - but the X-MEN star was quick to correct her.

He told the funnygirl, "I'm just ordinary mister. But thank you for thinking of me. It might some ideas in some people's (heads)."

DeGeneres then whipped out a tiara from the numerous stage props she stores beside her hosting seat and handed it to Stewart, who reluctantly wore it as she placed a hand on each of his shoulders, mimicking the grand knighting ceremony.

But bald Stewart quickly removed the headgear, complaining that it had scratched his scalp.

13/05/2004 20:58