British monarch Queen Elizabeth II is at the centre of a cancer scare - just days after undergoing an operation on her knee.

While the Queen was under anaesthetic for routine surgery on her knee on Friday (12DEC03), surgeons also removed "some minor benign lesions" from above her left eyebrow.

One source claims the results of the tests for pre-cancerous cells were being "fast-tracked" and would not be known for another week.

Skin cancer specialist DR COLIN MORTON says the Queen's growth may have been caused by excessive exposure to the sun.

He explains, "They often require sunshine to trigger them, so the extent to which the Queen has travelled abroad over the years on royal tours might be relevant."

A BUCKINGHAM PALACE spokesman said both the knee surgery and the eyebrow tests were successful and the Queen would not be kept in hospital any longer than expected.

14/12/2003 10:41