Pulp Fiction director Quentin Tarantino believes he may have been William Shakespeare in a previous life.

Speaking to GQ magazine, the Oscar-winner said: "I've always had a thought maybe that I might have been Shakespeare in another life."

However the 43-year-old isn't the biggest fan of the legendary bard even if they are, confusingly, the same person.

"I don't really care about Shakespeare. I've never been into Shakespeare, but then people are constantly bringing up all of these qualities in my work that mirror Shakespearean tragedies and moments and themes," the Kill Bill director added.

The writer, actor and all-round movie buff, Quentin's most recent project Grindhouse is due to be released this year yet the horror saga doesn't exactly invoke scenes from the Tempest.

"I remember in the case of Reservoir DOGS, writing this scene where the undercover cop is teaching Tim Roth how to be an undercover cop. When the actors came in to rehearse it, Harvey Keitel read it, and he thought I had just taken Hamlet's speech to the players and broke it down into modern words," he told the magazine.

Yet Quentin admitted his knowledge of English literature was lacking: "I'd never read Hamlet's speech to the players."

Freaky, eh?

26/03/2007 08:11:47