Bands Pulled Apart By Horses, Suede and Muse have donated items to charity to benefit the survivors of the deadly typhoon which hit the Philippines earlier this month (Nov13).

The Help 13 auction was set up by Pulled Apart By Horses' drummer Lee Vincent's wife, Rebecca Vincent, and filmmaker Charlotte Knight, and includes items including original artwork, collectable prints, signed singles and merchandise from the bands.

The proceeds from the auction, which launched on Friday (29Nov13), will benefit Oxfam Philippines Appeal.

Rebecca Vincent says, "After the horrific effects of the recent typhoon in the Philippines, we called on friends and colleagues in the world of art and music to donate items and the response has been astounding. More people are getting in touch every day and the list of donations is growing and growing."

Pulled Apart By Horses' singer James Brown, adds, "Help Auction are helping people in this world that need help fast and now. So, to support something like this is beyond important to us and should also be for you."

Typhoon Haiyan ravaged the Asian nation, claiming the lives of nearly 5,600 people and leaving thousands homeless.