Rockers Puddle Of Mudd are rebelling against the current trend of angst-ridden bands - because they love their parents.

Lead singer WESLEY SCANTLIN is so close to his father, he enlists his dad's help in deciding which Puddle of Mudd songs make it onto albums and which are scrapped.

And the gravel-voiced frontman also credits his dad with being a major influence on his music - because he raised him on a diet of quality tunes.

He says, "I bounce everything off him. He's a good ol' boy from Kansas City, and when he hears something he likes, he gets goose bumps and the hair on the back of his neck stands up.

"He was constantly blasting Led Zeppelin when I was growing as a little baby in my mum's stomach.

"And he also played me Jimi Hendrix, THE (ROLLING) STONES and THE Beatles when I was a kid. I think that all soaked in me and comes out in my music."

13/10/2003 21:10