Puddle Of Mudd rocker WES SCANTLIN has been arrested by Ohio police and charged with drunken disorderly conduct, criminal mischief and misconduct involving a public transportation system.

The BLURRY star was scheduled to perform at Toledo's Headliners club on Sunday night (22FEB04) but arrived on stage and told the crowd he was "too f***ed up" to sing.

Then in an astonishing outburst, Scantlin - who was deserted by his embarrassed bandmates at the beginning of the gig - shouted abuse at the crowd and began singing made-up songs to them.

The 30-year-old singer then held his guitar above his head, became unsteady and then dropped the instrument on the floor.

When Scantlin arrived back in his dressing room, police arrested him and further charged him with the misconduct involving a public transportation system when he allegedly spat on the police car on his way to be formerly booked.

Scantlin was released on a $150 (GBP285) bail and will attend an arraignment at TOLEDO MUNICIPAL COURT today (24FEB04).

27/02/2004 13:59