Psychedelic Horseshit Signs To Fatcat

Psychedelic Horseshit Signs To Fatcat

Having trailed the band for a couple of years now, we are excited to announce that Columbus, Ohio-based Psychedelic Horseshit are the latest act to sign up to the FatCat roster. The band have been active since 2005, with a pile of CDR, cassette, 7" and 12" releases under their belts, as well as the killer album, Magic Flowers Droned, issued by the consistently-great Siltbreezelabel in 2007). Rooted in scuzzy punk experimentation and making a dense, playful racket, they've kept a step ahead of the lo-fi scene they christened 'shitgaze' - drawing on a broad range of influences, and unafraid to ruffle feathers by critically speaking their mind, most notably in a hilarious, infamous Washington Post rant from 2008.

The gloriously drugged-out Horseshit aesthetic mixes scrappy protest folk, barbed garage punk, scrawny white dub, smeared psychedelia, free noise, tin-can electronics, shoegaze, and - in their current incarnation - a more sonically expansive move towards the softer-hued, melted electronic vistas of the likes of Black Dice orAnimal Collective. Gaining comparisons to The Fall, The Dead C, earlyPavement, Royal Trux, Guided By Voices, Sebadoh, Swell Maps, Magik Markers and The Velvet Underground. We believe this is a great band because, besides mixing their medicine like no-one else, Psychedelic Horseshit sound utterly vital and honest, are lyrically smart and expansively-minded. Despite the chaos that trails them, they have a clear agenda, are never content to tread water, and are hugely fun to boot.

The band are holding their own press conference to mark the announcement. Their fantastic first album for FatCat is due later this year and sees them take a big leap forward.