Pop sensation Psy has requested an autopsy to discover the reason for the death of South Korean singer Shin Hae Chul, who passed away on Monday (27Oct14) following an operation.

Chul, an iconic pop star in the nation, died at Seoul Sky Hospital, aged 46. He had suffered a heart attack on 22 October (14), five days after having a hernia operation, and he subsequently passed away from a cardiac arrest.

Gangnam Style hitmaker Psy and other Korean pop stars have managed to convince Chul's family to consent to an autopsy so they can determine the exact cause of death.

Psy says, "The bereaved family feels as if the world is caving in... The autopsy is irrelevant to whether or not the family decides to file charges (against the hospital). The family does not want this. It is so that we could know why he passed away, irrespective of possible legal disputes."

Psy attended a memorial service for the late singer on Friday (31Oct14). Chul's family had planned for his body to be cremated that day, but changed their minds following Psy's plea.