Psy is re-writing his new single to make sure it does not offend Arabs.

The 'Gangnam Style' hitmaker's song was set to be released under the title 'Assarabia', which is a slang word in his native South Korea used to express satisfaction.

The title is not a reference to an ethnic group or a person's bottom, but PSY has also assured it will be given a different title after an American journalist pointed out it could potentially be misinterpreted.

Steve Herman wrote on Twitter: ''Not sure how this will go over in Middle East: #ROK's @psy_oppa says next possible released song might be titled 'Assarabia.' (sic)''

PSY - real name Park Jae-sang - was quick to respond and reassure the song is going to be re-titled and re-worded, as well as explaining the meaning of the word.

Steve tweeted shortly after: ''Received DM from @psy_oppa (he adds OK to quote): It's Korean slang & should be spelled assaraVia & ''that's not gonna be a single anyway.'' (sic)''

PSY added: ''so u don't have to worry...THX for ya regard :) (sic)''

PSY had a huge hit across the world with 'Gangnam Style' - named after a district in Seoul - last year, with the track gaining a massive cult following and celebrity fans including Madonna and Liam Gallagher, partly due to its distinctive accompanying dance.