War of the Monsters

War of the Monsters Reviewed on PS2  @ www.contactmusic.com
War of the Monsters Reviewed on PS2

Does anyone remember Rampage for the Commodore 64 days? If you don't or you have forgotten let me remind you. It took place in a city and two dinosaurs, Godzilla style, had a good old fight while eating little people in the streets and knocking down the odd tower block along the way. Rampage was probably the first and only decent games to feature giant dinosaurs until now. War of the Monsters is similar, but now everything is set in 3D urban areas, the characters are more plentiful and everything looks sweet. So you pick yourself a nice big monster and beat up another monster that should stand in your way while walking the streets, complete with fully destructible buildings, screaming crowds of people and interactive objects such as cars, which you can pick up and hurl at your enemies.

Top start with you will be able to select one of 8 monsters, (two other monsters are available but you will have to unlock them first) of which some are remakes of classic film monsters such as King Kong and Godzilla. The game is easy to pick up and play and each monster is controlled in the same way, some are a bit faster than others and a couple of them can fly bit. Attacks take the form of quick or hard attacks, similar to the some of Capcom's classic fighters.

War of the Monsters Reviewed on PS2  @ www.contactmusic.com
War of the Monsters Reviewed on PS2  @ www.contactmusic.com

You can also pick up objects, throw them at the enemy and block against most moves apart from grapples and the odd unblockable attack. You can also jump and climb up building and perform a couple of special moves, one for short range and one for long range attacks. Each monster looks quite different from the other but they all play very similarly, which is a bit of a shame really because when you have played the game for a while you will be wishing there where more monsters or more differences between each monsters fighting style and playability.

The levels in War of the Monsters look much bigger than they feel; they are almost claustrophobic as you will run out of space quite quickly. Some of the levels feature some nice sharp objects that can be picked up and thrown at you enemy, should you hit the opposing monster with on of these objects it will leave them venerable for quite a long time enabling you to unleash your best combo. This does feel a little unfair though, especially if you get impaled, you will be out of it and very venerable for too long really. You get the same feeling when you get knocked down as it takes you ages to get back on your feet after someone has swept you of your feet. These are flaws in the game but the game does actually play quite well. You will also find loads of power-ups spread around each stage, so if you are winning a battle with a monster they might do a runner on you; this is quite common as they will run around the stage collecting health power ups. It is also a good tactic to use yourself if you are loosing a battle quickly.

War of the Monsters looks great from both aspects of graphics and animation. The style of the game definitely comes from the B movies era and it works to great effect. The levels feature loads of colour and detail, the buildings crumble really convincingly and the little people running around the streets will get squashed under your huge feet. With all this going on the fame rate is solid while the action is nice and smooth. To finish everything off the monster each have two costumes available from the start, you may be thinking "so what" but is does make a great addition because each monster can look very different in each costume. Finally the sound is pretty good too, it features loads of roars that you would expect large monsters to make.

War of the Monsters is a simple and pleasing game, it wont hold your attention for long periods of time but you will keep going back for more destruction, it also doubles as a great stress reliever. War of the Monsters has plenty of charm and character, but is it definitely best when played with your friends.

7.5 out of 10